Kevin Lizarazo

Multimedia Producer

PHOTO: Preparing to descend Mauna Kea while on assignment
covering NASA scientists’ efforts to explore Hawaii’s volcanic desert.
Photo by Kristen O’Neill.

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About me:

I am a web and multimedia producer. Storytelling is important to me. I love the idea of mixing my three favorite fields (journalism, international affairs, and the web) to tell compelling and engaging stories through interactive multimedia. My career as a multimedia producer has taken me from the hot lava flows of Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii to the streets of Havana, Cuba. I’ve also had the chance to work on a number

 of awesome interactives with my current job at the Council on Foreign Relations. I graduated from Stony Brook University with a journalism and political science degree, but before that, I studied computer science. I speak English, Spanish, and some Arabic.

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If you want to reach me, shoot me an email: klizarazo at gmail dot com.

Kevin Lizarazo at the Council on Foreign Relations


Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere Pro, Audition, Final Cut Pro 7; CMS (Content Management Systems including WordPress, Drupal), CRM, web design including HTML, CSS and learning how to use Javascript tools and libraries to create interactive elements; Canon and Nikon DSLRs for studio/field photography and video, sound and lighting; broadcast video production; on-camera talent; developing, producing multimedia content and content strategies. I learned all of these skills during my undergraduate education and work experiences.